New News

Hello all!

Joe here, letting you know this site is finally up and running! Hooray! It only took a few weeks!

Truth be told, what you’re seeing here actually only amounts to about six or seven¬†hours of work, all taking place on Friday, February 3rd, 2017. So by the time this posts, it’ll have been a little over a week since the web site was set up. The reason for the delay was, quite frankly, lack of content, aside from test recordings. As a result, the RSS feeds from the two podcasts on the left side there were broken and displaying errors, since the individual sites were blank.

As for its design, you’ll notice the site shares much in common with my personal site. I did this to keep a consistent UX experience across all of the sites I admin. I also really like the Fluida theme, and it’s great for responsiveness. The colors take a huge turn from my personal site (sorry AMOLED users!), instead using white backgrounds with TARDIS blue accents (hex code #003B6F for those curious), which I felt was appropriately geeky.

At any rate, I welcome you to the home of (most1) of the content for Ungodly Geeks. The individual podcasts site, which are just separate WordPress installs under sub-domains (to ensure separation of episodes in feeds), will only ever hold articles with links to the podcasts. This top-level domain will host only the news and updates regarding them.

Keep an eye out. Inaugural content for Pop Culture Catch-Up should already be up, and new content will be released weekly on Tuesdays. Three Men and a Baby is TBD right now.


1: My solo podcast will be produced under the Ungodly Geeks umbrella, but will be hosted on another site as it will be unrelated to the two podcasts here.