The Previously Announced Name Change For Three Men And a Baby

Hey all!

So last week, Ron discovered that there was another show out there with a very similar name to our main podcast, Three Men and a Baby. The name of said podcast is “Three Men with Babies” (link here). We don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes or get in the way of their ability to produce a show, and we obviously don’t want it to be the other way around, so I announced with the last release that a name change was imminent. This post is here to announce that. The new name will be… are you ready?

“The Ungodly Geeks Podcast”

Catchy right? Haha yeah yeah, it should have been the obvious choice, but hey, we’re all prone to mistakes and I’ll take the fall on this one, since it really was my mistake. We decided this for two reasons not already stated: 1) it does sound pretty good, and 2) when one Googles “Ungodly Geeks podcast”, our website is the first¬†six hits, which is phenomenal to me. When one Bings it (yeah I know… who the fuck uses Bing?!), we’re the fourth result. So that’s pretty damned cool.

With the name change comes some additional changes that will break any current setup you may have for RSS feeds. I do apologize for that, but with only two episodes, it shouldn’t be a huge deal. The previous episodes will still be available for direct download and/or stream from this site, but moving forward will no longer be available in any RSS feed. I’m going to put a new up a new feed to reflect the new name, and will post it with the episode this upcoming Sunday, as usual.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and especially thanks for listening.