Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Hey all.

So we have a small announcement: Ron will be leaving the podcast for a time. As of the writing of this article, the length of time he’ll be gone is indeterminate, but we can safely assume it’s going to be temporary. Ron has a lot of things going on in his personal life, and needs to step back for a bit to take care of them. He also wants to focus on being the best dad he can, and we completely understand. The temporary parting is entirely amicable, and we wish him the best of luck and hope to see him return soon.

So what does this mean for the pod? Absolutely nothing.

Luke and I are going to continue doing the podcast as normal. So if you are a loyal listener, don’t worry. We’re gonna keep releasing episodes every Sunday. Some of our formats will need to be retooled a bit, such as The 10 List, but they’re all minor things at best and we already have a solution, which you’ll see in Sunday’s episode. So stay tuned folks. We’re gonna keep on being geeky.