Movies, Genres They Ruined, and Maybe How To Fix Them. (Episode 14)

What’s up everybody? Here comes another episode from the depths of our twisted minds! In this episode, we go over some movies that fit into a genre that we feel also ruined that genre in a way. On a more positive note, however, we do list some examples that did the genre well and go into ways the genres could be fixed.

Now, on a serious note, depression and suicide are not things we should ever ignore or not take seriously. We at the Ungodly Geeks were deeply affected by Chester Bennington’s passing. He is a legend and meant a whole lot to us. Linkin Park, and by extension, Chester himself, were, and still are, a huge part of our lives. We will always love Chester and what he brought to us. It’s a shame we never got to see him perform with LP, but seeing him perform with Stone Temple Pilots was pretty fucking awesome too. If you, or someone you know or love is battling depression or suicide, please, seek help. Suicide is never the answer.

US Suicide Prevention Resources: Call 1-800-273-8255 or go here for online chat. (Available 24/7), or send a text to 741741, or reach out to them via Facebook Messenger at

Here’s a directory for Europe:

For other areas outside of Europe and the US, please check here:

Remember, these are all confidential, and there is no weakness in reaching out for or seeking help, so please do. Much love and respect to you guys. Thanks for everything.


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