We Now Have Intro Music!

Hey everyone!

We contracted with friend of one of Luke’s friends to do a bit of music we can use for an intro and an outro. It’s pretty good stuff, and you guys will get to hear it with the release of tomorrow’s episode.

From episode 15 on, we’ll have this bit of music playing at the beginning and end. So will we retroactively apply it? The answer is no, and it’s pretty definitive. It would take tremendous effort on my part to re-upload everything. Also, due to the way our podcast host’s service works, we’d have to pay quite a bit to re-archive everything. This is something that, to be honest, we’re just not willing to do at this time. Maybe at some distant point in the far-flung future, I’ll revisit this, but until then, the first 14 episodes will not have the new intro/outro.

At any rate, huge, huge shoutout to Vest and Tyler (aka Tyler Denig) for putting together the absolutely fantastic music we’re using. His SoundCloud is linked there, so hop over and show him some love. Thanks a lot, Tyler.

As always, have a nice day folks.