A New Release Schedule.

Hey all, Joe here to talk to you about stuff.

Really, it’s just a quick update to let you all know that I’ll be moving the release day of the podcast. For the last 31 episodes (29 as The Ungodly Geeks, and 2 as something else), I’ve released the pod on Sundays, and it’s been mostly fine. Once or twice I slipped up and posted it very late. However, with the new procedure of also releasing a YouTube version of the pod (with the logo as a static image), a bit more work has been placed on my shoulders. Sundays are bad for this because of how short my mornings are forced to be. I have to get up earlier for work because I have to catch an earlier bus to work, not to mention that on average, I also get home later because the bus runs 40 minutes later.

So in order to continue bringing all the joy this podcast provides to you, I’ve made the decision to release on a later date, to give me more breathing room to ensure that the video is encoded and ready for upload, and to give us time to listen to the pod before we release it so if it’s decided that changes need to be made, we still can. From this point forward, expect the pod to release on Tuesday mornings, around the same time as always (between 8:30a and 9a Eastern).

Keep on rocking guys.