Content Updates

Hey everyone!I’ve got just a bit of news to bring you regarding some of the plans we have to bring you new stuff.

First off, I’m adding a reward today to the $5 Patron tier. You’ll get early access to YouTube content (the podcast for now, plus anything else we bring in the future), up to 3 days early. This link will only be available in the Discord for the moment, so be sure if you’re subbed at this level, you’re there. I’m also changing the tiers up a bit and moving the special role on the Discord server to the $1 tier, to offset the extra cool shit the Super Badasses are getting.

Secondly, Luke and I have been brainstorming a YouTube series we think you’re really gonna enjoy. It’s a concept that we’ve not really seen much of, which surprised us. Details aren’t totally finalized just yet, but much of the concept phase is done, and we’ll be moving onto the test and execution phases soon enough.

Thirdly, we’ll be uploading BTS videos soon for the $5 tier as well. These will be raw, unedited videos of us in the studio recording, setting things up, or other random things as we see fit.

Finally, on the podcast side of things, episode 44 will release soon. It’s a test bed for a sort of community episode thing, which has been requested. I cannot promise these will become a regular occurrence, but it is something we’re working on, and this is the first episode where we try the concept out. We’re hoping it works well. I’m also implementing a system where you can find episodes on the web site with guests on them, as requested by one of our Super Badasses. I’m working on applying it retroactively.

On a final note, to our YouTube subscribers, in the coming weeks, I’ll be uploading another set of episodes to YouTube. If you get notification bombed, I apologize in advance!

Thanks all!