We’ve updated our privacy policy (for real this time).

Hey guys!

Joe here, bringing you a small yet important update about our privacy policy. For one, we actually have one for realz. You can view it here.

It basically says we don’t collect any data from you, but we kind of wanted to make it officially official. As a result of implementing this policy, I’ve elected to disable the comment system entirely. I’m all about transparency and privacy and all that, so I felt that was the best way to go about data collection. This means that we can no longer collect any data at all on the visitors of this site. That truthfully makes me pretty happy. There were only ever a few comments left on the site, so it’s not like anyone was using the feature, which means nothing of value was lost.

As far as user profiles go, those were disabled from the get-go, and my user profile is literally the only one that exists. Of course, the privacy policy doesn’t apply to me, as I’m the guy who does everything behind-the-scenes, so only my data is at risk at any given time, which is my responsibility.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or through email.

Thanks guys. Much love.