Critfail Series 01 Episode 06: The Finale (and a small announcement)

Hey all! Here we are, with the final episode of Critfail, our side project. This one’s a doozy, clocking in at just over three hours, but it wraps everything up (somewhat) nicely in Jake’s one-shot 5E D&D campaign. Luke still forgot we were recording at times, and I even cut out about 45 seconds of Luke just muttering to himself that the mic just barely picked up on. I would’ve left it in, because it was kind of funny, but there wasn’t much I could do to make it truly audible without making it grating to the ear. Sorry guys!

Anyway, I learned quite a bit from this recording and I already have ideas for what to do to improve things for Critfail Series 02. So stay tuned. I’ll have something in the pipeline for it.

Onto other topics… We’re still working past our technical difficulties. Because they’ve been so damned annoying, Luke and I basically agreed that until we have them fully solved, we’re not going to be releasing episodes, which is probably for the best. We’re going to take the rest of the month off to deal with them head-on, and to also get through the impending doo- err… shopping holiday that takes place next week. We’ve ordered a new mixer, and we’ll be running it through some rigorous testing as soon as it arrives. That also means we’ll be releasing videos again. Expect a new episode from us December 4th.

Thanks for sticking with us, and for understanding.

Much love everyone, and Happy Holidays!