“Episode One Hundo” (episode 100)

Good evening. You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.

Well, it’s because we have a new episode of The Ungodly Geeks Podcast. It was a tough one. There were many issues, including crashes, goats dying, sixteen elk falling off a cliff, a car catching fire (thankfully not Luke’s), and soy sauce leaking from the ceiling.

Actually none of that is true, though I suppose statistically speaking, a car probably did catch fire during the recording.

We had a lot of issues with Audacity this time around… y’know, instead of the mics. But we got through it. You’ll see weird jumpcut about 11 minutes in, but I have the utmost confidence you can power through it.

We didn’t do much special like we would have wanted, but it was still a good episode. Video games and cocaine. Enjoy!


YouTube video is linked here.

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