An Announcement

Hey guys!

So as you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t uploaded anything in about a month. Because of that, you probably also see what’s coming: after a little over four years, we’ve decided to stop doing this podcast. The quality of everything has been slipping for awhile, due in part to extra bullshit piled on top of us due to COVID, and also because we’ve just kind of gotten burned out on things. We used to love doing this. We used to have fun with this. Over the past year and a half, however, it slowly changed from being a labor of love to just being a labor. What we used to love has become a chore, and therefore has lost its joy.

Luke and I discussed it for a bit a few weeks ago, and we decided it was for the best to simply end it. That doesn’t mean we’re done creating content or anything, nor does it mean we’re not friends anymore. It just means that for this particular venture, things have ended. We both agreed that we can look back at the last four years and the body of work therein and be proud of what we’ve accomplished. Over 150 episodes of dumbass things, ranging from horse dicks to orphans to video games, we definitely had a good time, but all good things must eventually come to an end.

For now, we’re just gonna chill and take things easy. The world around us is still hellish, even with vaccines and such out there. Our personal lives have taken center stage, and we have a lot to process. So we’re gonna be focusing on that. On May 31st, 2021, this web site will be taken down, and the podcast will no longer be available for download. If you’re a fan and want to keep the pod archived, download everything by then, as it will no longer be available afterwards.

Thanks for everything guys. We’re so grateful to have had you come along with us on this journey. Keep your heads up. It’ll be alright.

Much love.

-The Ungodly Geeks