The Ungodly Geeks podcast is a homegrown podcast made by fans. This page lists the names of the people who have helped us along the way, by donating money, time, or ideas.

The Ungodly Geeks are:

Joseph Gaston

Co-founder, co-host, webmaster, equipment manager and tester, and video/audio editor.

Luke O’Dell

Co-founder, co-host, epic Viking beard guy, and lovable fat dude.

Jake Reed

Jake runs a D&D campaign we’re currently mucking about with. He’s also occasionally works with us on episodes.

Johnny Cutlass

He’s a wearer of silly outfits and our cleric in one campaign, and our monk in another. We keep him around for the laughs.


Partner Peeps

Vest and Tyler

aka Tyler Denig, this badass motherfucker did the opening and closing music for the show. He’s a hardworking dude who is (very obviously) incredibly passionate about his art, and it showed when he was contracted to do the work. He gave us four tracks to choose from, and cut us a pretty good deal. We ended up paying him double what he originally asked for because he deserved it (he deserves more, but we’re broke right now). He’s a true Hall of Famer. Find his work over on SoundCloud. You can also click the picture above to go to his Facebook page.

Rugilė Masiliūnaitė

She’s also known as Ruga. She’s done an episode or two with us, including the special episode where we watched “The Room”.

Cody Zech

for playing games with us and allowing us to endlessly make fun of him.


She’s our resident cos-player and generally tolerates us for some reason.


Our resident artist. She doesn’t do any art for us, but she’s very talented. Check out her art pages on Facebook and Twitter. Lover of all cats.

Courtney Sprague

She occasionally shitposts in our Discord server. She’s cool people, and has tolerated Joe for years for some reason.

Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith)

He inspired us to do this in the first place. So blame him for it existing. Tweet at him for us and thank him for starting this terrible yet wonderful thing.

The Badasses

There are no Badasses yet. Wanna be the first? Click the Patreon link above and pledge at $1 to get added here.

The Super Badasses

These are the peeps who pledge $5 or more on the Patreon page.


This guy is our first Patreon ever. Dude started contributing within hours of setting everything up. Like, seriously, I think Joe had created the page like two hours beforehand. It was crazy. Thanks forever Rupert!

Whitney Culpepper, aka Ori

She’s a great personal friend to us, and is a former co-worker. I wouldn’t doubt we’ve used a suggestion or two from her in the pod topics at some point.

And now for some legal stuff:

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